Nursery Update

The walls are painted, the glider is here, the artwork is done, the curtains and lamp are hung, the crib and changing table are all set up, the quilt is finished, and the fabric boxes are made.
Here is a peek at the flag artwork I did.  There are four canvases in all, and they will be hung on the opposite wall above the changing table.
This is a better view of the quilt my mom made.  (Thanks, Mom!)  It was the inspiration for the flag/pennant theme.
Here is the glider we got with the felt ruffle pillow I made a while ago.  The pendant light, other pillow, and curtains are from IKEA.
This is the (unorganized) changing table with all the fabric boxes I made.  They still need to be filled with all the baby stuff.
Here's a shot from the door.  The circular cream rug is also from IKEA.

All in all, I believe it's coming together very nicely.  There are still a few more things I want to do:
  1. Hang the flag artwork
  2. Hang another sign I already have
  3. Get some big flowers for the empty yellow vase
  4. Organize changing table
  5. Make changing table pad covers
  6. Make a pennant banner with baby's name (This one will have to wait until after the baby is born, since we haven't picked a name yet)
I feel much better about the room than I did before we painted.  The color was hard to photograph, but it is a soft aqua blue (Mystic Sea by Valspar), and it turned out perfectly!

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Amanda said...

Okay- I found you through TT&J- the pennants are precious. Bold, yet fun! Love them! And that quilt???? It is absolutely gorgeous! Your baby is going to have a fabulous nursery!