Felt Ruffle Pillow

This is a simple felt ruffle pillow that I made for the new baby's room.  It is relatively small, since I am planning to use it as an accent pillow in the glider that I hope to get.  The fabric in the background is going to be a changing pad cover.

So here's the run-down on the pillow.  The pink body of the pillow is just two pieces of standard-sized felt.  Before sewing the pillow together, I put the ruffles on one of the pieces.  I used two pieces of yellow felt and a little bit of white felt.  After cutting the yellow pieces into about 1.5" strips, I did a basting stitch along one side and bunched up the felt to where I liked how it looked, then pinned it down and sewed them all on along the inside edge, working my way inward.  The white part of the flower was handsewn.  After the flower was done, I sewed the pink pieces together and stuffed it before I closed it up completely.
This was a great project for an afternoon.  I think it took me about three hours total.

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