DIY Farmhouse Headboard

We finished our new headboard!  Well, I should say that Chris finished our new headboard.  Aside from me helping him hold things tight during assembly, he did all the work.
It was an easy build, with plans from Ana White.  We adapted the plans to make the headboard a few inches wider, and we didn't make the whole bed with footboard and side rails.  Since we already had a bed frame, we just attached the headboard to that.
I love how it turned out.  We used a black stain instead of solid black paint.  The difference is subtle, but it adds another dimension to the piece.  After staining, we did a clear coat of polyurethane.  We only did one coat since this is more for show than actual use, but for a table or chairs, I would do at least two coats and maybe three for extra durability. 

As you can see in the photos, I've redone our letters to resemble Anthropologie's Oversized Zinc Letters.  I'll share the easy fix in another post next week.  They will eventually hang on the wall above the headboard, but right now I am working on a new central piece to replace the fencing.  Once that is done, I will be able to hang everything above the bed.

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Taylor & Shauna Spencer said...

Beautiful. This looks amazing! PS I thought I was following your blog forever ago and that you hadn't updated in awhile.... Silly me!