Zebra Cake with a Cherry on Top

My oldest girl recently turned 5, and she specifically requested this cake for her big day, a zebra striped cake with a cherry on top.  I loved how it turned out!  She always has the best ideas for cakes.  I threw in a fun little surprise for the inside, too.
Zebra stripes inside!  It was so easy to do.  While I was filling the cake pans with batter, I just alternated between vanilla and chocolate batter, pouring into the center of the pan each time.  The original circle of batter was eventually pushed to the outside and the zebra stripes were done.
For the cherry on top, I just molded the cherry and stem out of leftover fondant.  I put a toothpick inside the lower half of the stem, then stuck it in the cherry after it had hardened enough to hold its shape.  We had a great time with the zebra theme.  It is also surprisingly easy to find zebra striped party supplies when you are looking for them!


Ruffled Flower Headband

I just finished revising our Ruffled Flower pattern for The Cloth Parcel, and I just had to share!  I love how this pattern turned out.  We added an elastic headband option to the pattern, along with instructions for using regular cotton material.  Originally, this pattern was written for using denim material, like in our Scarf and Ruffled Flower craft kit.  I thought it could use a little update, since it was one of our very first patterns written just about a year ago.  In the last year, we have learned quite a bit about how we like our patterns to be laid out, taking product photos, and how to write things to be a little more readable.
I am so pleased with how this pattern turned out!  These flowers are the perfect embellishment for every little girl.  The headbands make the sweetest little baby shower gifts, stocking stuffers, and the pins work for ladies of all ages.


Poppy Dress

I got to do a quick pattern test for Melissa of Sew Like My Mom this weekend.  I tried out her upcoming Poppy Dress for my oldest girl, and I love how it turned out!  I did the short sleeve dress option, but there is also a sleeveless, 3/4 sleeve, and full sleeve option.  There are also pockets on each side, and an option to do this as a shirt instead of a dress.  Talk about versatile!

I also made my own bias tape for the first time for this project, which is part of the pattern.  Not hard at all.  I have never had a reason to do it, but it was so worth it for this dress.  With two more little girls in our family, I see myself making this at least a couple more times.