Easy Fabric Box Tutorial

We found a great deal on a new crib for the nursery, and it came with a changing table.  I used a dresser for the changing table in our other daughter's room, so I was excited to do something a little bit different this time around.

The changing table has a changing area on top and two empty shelves below.  I wanted to make some fabric boxes for the two lower shelves, but I couldn't find a tutorial that was exactly what I wanted.  I made six rectangular boxes total, with three on each shelf.  

Here's what you'll need:
-Fabric for the outside of the box (I used cotton quilting prints)
-Fusible interfacing (Make sure it is something you like the look of, because you will be able to see it)
You can easily make your own pattern, depending on the size of box that you want.  
A= Length of the short side of the box
B= Height of box
C= Half of the long sides of the box

After you have cut out your pattern, lay it on your fabric, with the fold on the side indicated, pin, and cut out.  This is what it should look like after you are done and have unfolded it:
Now, lay out your interfacing with the fusible side up, and lay your fabric on top.
Cut out the interfacing to the same size as the fabric, and iron both pieces together on the wool setting.  This is what you will end up with:
Now to begin sewing.  Sew the "B" sides together inside out, so your box looks like this:
Flip the box right-side-out, and hem the raw top edge.
Now you will want to break out the iron again, and iron your corners and the crease where the box transitions from the bottom to the sides.  This will make the last steps a lot easier.  Fold the sides down, and stitch all the way around the bottom crease of the box.
Next, fold your corners and slowly(or you may get a few broken needles) stitch them together to stiffen the sides up.

That's it!  

You can do some more ironing of the sides to help them stand up a little better, but the best way to get it to hold its shape is to use it.

Good luck, and let me know if you have any questions in the comments.

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Rose :: FineCraftGuild.com said...

Well done! Good tutorial also.

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Karla said...

Thank you for posting this, Audrey. You are a life saver. :)