Sorry for the Delay. . .

So. . . It's Tuesday.

No, I didn't post the pictures of my finished kitchen. Why? I didn't take them. My family took an unexpected, but totally needed, day trip and we didn't get back until dark.

The trip was awesome. I looked for a chandelier at some discount shops (no luck this time), ate some great barbeque, had some even greater ice cream for dessert, and visited old friends.

The good news: I had a great time. I really needed the break.

The bad news: No kitchen photos today.

The good news again: I will put them up this Thursday so you won't have to wait until next week!

Why not tomorrow? Well, my friends, tomorrow is my turn in the Great Blogger Mashup of 2010, hosted by SFGirlbyBay! So look for that, look for kitchen photos, and most of all, keep looking!

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