Feature: Branch and Twig Chandelier by Jessedirk

I have had my eye on this chandelier from Jessedirk for a while. My entry really needs something above the stairs to the basement, and this is the only chandelier of its kind that I have seen. It's one of the only chandeliers that my husband actually likes!

I will most likely end up making my own, considering that it costs $525. It's definitely still going to be a huge source of inspiration during the project.

I'll have to find an old chandelier, and I will probably go without the cotton. I might add something else in its place, because I like the spiral line the cotton has.


Almost Precious said...

It is a really unique chandelier. I think you're right about doing away with the cotton (I'd think the cotton would end up getting awfully dusty). Maybe use a small garland of metallic bronze leaves to create that spiraling effect ?
By the way I found your blog through the etsy forums about getting blog followers, think that's something we would all like to have. :) I am following you now.

BOWquet said...

The chandelier is very pretty