Stacked Hair Clips

Today I am divulging the secrets of my latest project, the Stacked Hair Clip! This tutorial is super easy, cheap, and really fun. Since it requires tiny scraps of fabric, this project is a great way to coordinate accessories with any clothing that you have made for your little girls. To make your own stacked hair clips, here's what you will need:
-Fabric Scissors
-Needle and thread that matches your fabric or button
-Pierced snap clips (I found mine at my local craft store, Robert's)
-Glue Gun
-Two matching fabrics
-One color of felt that matches your fabric

For the fabric covered button, you can either find one already made that matches, use a regular colored button that matches, or if you want to make your own, here is what you need:
-Button press
-Button front and back pieces
-White fabric for interfacing (Muslin works very well)
-One of your matching fabrics

Step One: Making Your Covered Button
Using your button fabric pattern (this will come with a button-making kit), cut out a circle of fabric from both the matching fabric and the white interfacing muslin. The interfacing will keep the metal of the button front from peeking through your patterned fabric.Layer your fabric, interfacing, and button front and fit into the bottom of the button press. Tuck all your ends in, place the button back over it, and press the blue top part of the press down firmly. Sometimes I have to use a hammer for this part. Remove your button from the press, and your button is ready to go.

Step Two: Making Your Felt and Fabric Stack
Cut a circle that is just bigger than your button out of the felt, then a larger circle out of your other fabric, then another largest circle out of the felt again. I cut notches out of the biggest circle to add a fun edge.
Thread your needle and stack your felt and fabrics how you want them to look.
Start with your needle going into the top of the stack, since this part will be covered up by the button. Go back and forth a few times to make sure everything is secure.

Step Three: Sewing on the Snap Clip
Place your snap clip in the center of the back of the stack, and sew through the pierced top of the clip until you feel it is secure. Tie your end off on the top of the stack, which is the same side as your beginning knot.

Step Four: Glue the Button in Place
Fill the back of your covered button with hot glue and press firmly in place on top of your felt. Let it cool, and your clip is ready to go!Experiment with the sizes of the felt and fabric circles to get a different look. The bigger the circles get, the more they will look like flowers. Smaller circles remind me of old-fashioned ladies' hats.

For the green clips, I used scraps from a spring dress that my mom made for my daughter and her cousin, and now I have a perfectly matching accessories that hardly cost me anything.


Cami said...

Well done!

Winklepots said...

Those are super cute! Thanks so much for sharing your secrets. :o)