Hanging Flower Balls

Ok, I saw this great tutorial for Hanging Flower Balls (scroll down; it's the last half of the post) over at Tatertots and Jello and just knew I had to put it up here.  It is originally from Shelley at House of Smith's.

The flowers are made from crepe paper, but I was thinking that you could also do them out of fabric, like these ones at Little Birdie Secrets:
I think these balls would make great decor for a kid's room, either hanging or sitting in a bowl. You could also do earth tone colors and use them for year round decor in any room! I am excited to try making these flowers.

I am experimenting making hair clips for my daughter. If I get it all figured out, I will post the tutorial for next week. So far, the project involves fabric-covered buttons, snap clips, felt, and a glue gun.

Also, check in tomorrow to see the completed paint in my kitchen! Hint: It looks fabulous.


lollywood said...

those hanging flower balls are so cute!! they would be great for weddings! i just went to her blog to check out how to do it.. looks easy!

Little Tesoro said...

Those are super cute and spring"y"!

Bethany Dirksen said...

Yep! Those are super cute flower balls. I also very much see wedding decorations when I look at them. You could have a crepe flower making party too....make it go faster.

Chase and McKell said...

i ♥ those hanging flower balls!! totally making them tonight with my friend :) thanks for sharing Audrey!!
if you want to check out my Spring Wreath i made, go here: http://chaseandmckelljensen.blogspot.com/2010/03/spring-wreath.html
so fun & easy!!