Long-Sleeved Robot Shirts and A Design Revelation

First off, I would just like to let everyone know that the Long-Sleeved Kids Robot Tees are almost sold out. These are the quantities and sizes still available:
24M- 2 left
3T- 1 left
4T- 1 left
5T's are sold out

Secondly, I will not be making any more of this shirt. I realize that I have been trying to accommodate every person's every desire and have every size of every shirt always available. The truth is that I am not a factory. And I don't want to be one.

Most of the designs currently in my shop will be retired this spring. All of the inventory that I still have will be sold, but then no more. I want to make new designs!

I think I will probably hold onto the crest screens for a while, since they were done more recently, and I still haven't had a chance to print any apparel with them. I might keep the robot, since it is so popular. But I am thinking of making a new screen and turning it into a two-color print.

These designs will be washed out: Cherry Blossoms, Grass, Craft Tools, and "Home". Once these designs are sold out, they may never be printed again.

I am looking forward to a new set of designs. I hope you are too. Any requests?

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Artesia said...

Great point about not being a factory. I’ve fallen into the trap too – trying to please everyone and have little time left for MY ideas. I bet you will come up with some clever new designs.