Playroom and Guest Room

We're wrapping up the home tour with our biggest basement room (so far).  This bedroom is quite large, about 15 feet square.  Since it's so big, it does double duty as the playroom and the guest room.  We've got a full size bed in there, and entertainment center, and a bunch of toys.  I hope to someday have a television in there, but we don't have one now.  I also want to do some decor, optimize the storage, and maybe do some sort of headboard for the bed.
This room is sort of the catch-all for our cast-off furniture as well.  I made the nightstand and cedar chest in high school woodshop, and the brown upholstered chair was a summer project of mine around the same time.  My carpenter brother made the entertainment center, which is super heavy and very well done.
The chalkboard is one of the favorite toys in the playroom.  It's accompanied by my first (and one of very few) oil paintings.
That's it!  In the top photo, you can see a sneak peek of the play kitchen I just redid for my daughters for Christmas, but that will have its own post next week.  I hope you've enjoyed this home tour

Next year, I hope to be able to show the laundry room and our basement family room that is still unfinished, since they didn't make it into this tour.  The laundry will require some built-in shelving, and the basement family room is a huge project, as it is very large and we want to include a fireplace and a small kitchen area.  We've got some big ideas for the future!

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