Little Gal Bricks Quilt

My oldest little gal recently made the big move from a toddler bed to a twin.  Along with that, she needed a bigger quilt!  Over the summer, I started this Easy Bricks Quilt from the Moda blog with a bunch of my neighbors and friends.  We all chose our own fabric and just followed their basic pattern.  When I was done piecing the top, we still hadn't found a twin bed, so I folded it up and set it aside for a few months. 

When we found the perfect bed at the perfect price, the quilt still wasn't done.  Thankfully, I have an amazing mother who helped me figure out how to piece the back, since I didn't have enough of the flannel I had chosen.  She pieced the back, quilted, and bound the whole thing for us-- all without the use of a long-arm quilter!  We are sure grateful for Grandma.  She did a subtle chevron pattern in variegated pink thread.
I thought it would be fun to bring some orange and yellow into the pink and green color scheme, and I think it turned out great.  Here's a little peek at the back, as my daughter runs off with it.
My corners aren't perfect, but considering that I was quilting in between chasing a two-year-old and keeping a six-month-old happy, I'd say it went pretty well.

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