Slate Bathroom

Our penultimate stop on the tour takes us to the basement bathroom.  Even though we bought our house new, it was a spec. home and everything had already been picked out by the time we found it.  We mostly love it, but there are a few things we would have changed, one of those being the bathroom counters, hardware, and tile.  This is the only bathroom in the house where we got to choose everything.
We also did everything ourselves, from the plumbing to tiling.  We got pretty much everything from Lowe's, including the cabinets from the allen + roth line.  The cabinet I loved wasn't big enough for our space (which we didn't realize until later), so we came up with a solution to fit it in where we built these shelves in next to the cabinet and tiled them with slate.
I loved the look of the green glass mosaic tile, but we couldn't afford to buy much of it.  To make the most of what we did get, we cut the 12" tiles into thirds and ran a stripe through the slate tile in the shower and as the backsplash above the counter.  I love the continuity it gives the room.
Everything came together so well for this room.  Now it just need some finishing touches and some towels!  Next and final stop on the home tour- playroom/guest room.

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