Felt Mitten and Stocking Advent Calendar

About mid-November, I decided I wanted to make an advent calendar that would be cute and also fun for my kids.  I started off with this idea, which morphed into more of this one, and finally ended up with my own sort of thing.
It took a little bit more time than I planned for, but once I started blanket-stitching the mittens and stockings, I knew it was going to look great.  All of the embellishments are hot-glued down, but I did do some detail stitching on some of them before I glued them down.  I didn't filled the mittens and stockings this year, since I don't think the twine would be able to hold that much weight.  I have each end tied to stocking holders, and the tray on top of my piano is holding the middle part.  Next year, I think I will put slips of paper in each mitten or stocking with either a treat for the day or a Christmas activity.
For the 25th, I did a star on a circle medallion thing.  It doesn't have a pocket, because the countdown is over at that point, but I thought it needed to be there.  I just pinned it to the twine with a straight pin.
Want to make your own?  Here's the pattern I made for my mittens and stockings.  Click on the photo, right-click to save, and then you can print it and cut the patterns out to do your own.  Just make sure that you print without scaling to get it the right size.
Any questions?  Leave a comment or send me an email.  Happy crafting!
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