Feature: Anthro Latte Bowls!

For today's post, I thought I'd share a wonderfully delicious find!

Do you love Anthropologie's Latte Bowls?

Do you love a great deal?

Then you are in major luck today, my friend.

By a chance occurrence (read: my baby pulling one off the table this morning and shattering it to bits), I was looking for some more bowls today and discovered this great deal:

Anthro's seasonal colors are on sale for $11.95/set of SIX. That's right SIX BOWLS FOR 12 BUCKS! You cannot beat that. Even with $5.95 shipping and tax, it is still a screaming deal.

You're welcome. Now go spread the good news.


Gallery32 said...

I LOVE a good bargain and I am looking for new bowls! Thanks for posting :D

Bethany Dirksen said...

Haha....you are funny. That is a great deal. Thanks for sharing!


Metalsgirl said...

super cool! Thanks for sharing!