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Today's feature is bohoLUXE Accessories, a great new shop on Etsy. Poppy flowers are super hot right now, and it seems like every day you see more and more. The thing that I love about bohoLUXE is that these poppies have a lot of flair and make use of some new materials, like tulle, feathers, and plaids!

And, of course, they have a little touch of bling!

(Click on the photos to go to each individual item's listing.)
Loving plaid right now!
I love the idea of the poppies on a headband, and that olive color is definitely one of the staples of my wardrobe.
I just love the feather and tulle together. That centerpiece really adds the final touch and makes it look so elegant.
The colors of this poppy really make me happy. Brighten up your day just by looking at it!
Here's how they describe their own products:
"Boho Luxe signature look – bohemian, sexy and wrapped up in laidback glamour. The twist is a line of modern démodé design intended to make you feel like a million dollars at a portion of the price."

Now you're talking! That sums it up better than I ever could have described it.
Here is the current promo info for bohoLUXE:

***** HUMP DAY SALES *****
Every Wednesday (hump day) select
surprise items will be on SALE!!!!

30-50% percent off!

That is sweet! Be sure to bookmark this shop.

Visit this shop: bohoLUXE Accessories

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