Stacked Bird Pincushion

I recently saw some decorative pincushions at a local craft fair. They were adorned with fake flowers, ribbons, vintage accessories, buttons, and all sorts of other things. I thought they were really neat, but I couldn't think of someone to give it to for Christmas, so I didn't get one. Then, I realized that I hadn't gotten anything for my mom(the queen of quilting, sewing, and making pincushions) yet!

I had no idea where to get one. I looked on Etsy to see if perhaps the lady at the show had a shop. Nope. There weren't even any other shops that sold candlestick pincushions like these.

So, as my last resort, I made one! It went over quite well. I did double-stacked balls, with a bird on top and eggs around the base. Here are some shots I got:

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Amie McCracken said...

That is way cute!