Quickutz Silhouette SD Digital Cutter

I did it! I finally bought myself a digital craft cutter. I have started looking at the possibilities of this particular machine, the Quickutz Silhouette SD, and I am blown away with the unlimited potential.

With this machine, I don't have to buy cartridges. I don't have to be limited by premade shapes. I don't have to cut paper out by hand anymore!

I can cut any TrueType font. I can choose from over 50 shapes that came with the machine, and many more that I can download free from other users. I can cut any vector-based image!

Since I already know how to use Adobe Illustrator, this is a dream come true! I can see why some crafters would be put off from this machine, especially if you are looking for something simple that you don't have to draw your own designs. But, for me, it is what I have always dreamed about.

I cannot wait to see what I can do with this. It cuts paper, cardstock, textured paper, and vinyl. I am still working out some of the finer points, but so far I am very pleased.

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Sarah said...

I'm so jealous! I've been eyeing up digital craft cutters for ages! x