Modern Baby Shoes

I found a tutorial for Modern Baby Booties that I really wanted to try for my baby girl, and when I finished them today I couldn't wait to post pictures.  It sort of pushed all the other things I have been meaning to write about further down the list, but they sure turned out cute! 
The tutorial (from Tao of Craft) that I used was pretty good, but a little confusing.  On step five, you are supposed to have the velcro side of the strip facing up, but the photo doesn't show that.  Luckily, I realized that it wouldn't work before it was too hard to fix.  Also, none of the photos show the interfacing or the suede bottom pieces, which I am guessing she didn't use at first.
I pretty much made the flowers up as I went.  They are just simple spiral flowers, like these from Craft Snob, except I used flannel instead of felt.

A few things I will do differently next time:
  1. Use lighter-weight leather for the soles.  I had some scraps from another project that worked, but weren't ideal.
  2. Use lighter-weight interfacing.  I used some leftover interfacing from when I made my fabric boxes, but since these are relatively small it ended up pretty bulky.
  3. Use more pins!  I didn't want to ruin the leather soles, so I didn't put any pins in the bottom, but things were sliding around like crazy, especially with all the curved edges.
I really do like how these turned out, and I can't wait to try it again.

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Helen@baby shoes said...

I would love to have the skills to make these myself but, I am useless with a needle!