Piano Bench Reupholster

I love the impact that a reupholstery project can create.  At first, I considered creating a slipcover for the outdated bench in our piano corner.  I was even going to figure out a way to still be able to open the bench with the slipcover on.  While the finer details of the project were still marinating in my mind, I found a remnant of this incredible upholstery fabric at Jo-Ann that matched our family room perfectly.  I simply couldn't pass it up.  It was nearly a full yard, which wasn't enough for my slipcover idea, but it was plenty for a simple reupholster.  Here are some before and afters:
The real trick to reupholstery is to pay attention while you are dismantling the original work, then just redo everything the same way.  Once I ripped off all the trim, it was easy to see how it all came together.
I loved this project, because it just seemed like it was meant to be the whole way through.  The end result isn't bad, either!  It makes me smile every time I see it, even if I did get a huge blister from prying out hundreds of staples.  Next time: wear gloves.
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