Another Set of Swatches

Autumn Acorns
I love getting mail from Spoonflower!  This time around, I ordered a fat quarter of Autumn Acorns, a new test swatch of Firework Show, and an upholstery twill test of Pretty Birds (with the design scaled down to 2 inches square, 288 pixels/inch).
Firework Show
I'm not quite sure what to do with the acorns fabric.  It may have to stick around in my closet until next year.  It was fun to see what the upholstery twill is like with a design printed on it.  I can see a lot of potential for future projects there.
Pretty Birds
Note that in order to get the design this size, you will need to change the size of the design to 2 inches by 2 inches.

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DeAnna said...

Audrey....you totally make me wish so much that I knew how to be a seamstress! :) BTW, your birch trees art in the bathroom in my favorite thing ever.