Toddler Picnic Table

Remember my toddler picnic table build I showed you ages and ages ago?  Well, you'll be happy to know that I finally finished it!  It had been sitting in the garage waiting for a second coat of stain for weeks. 
We used Olympic Maximum Solid Color Stain in Amsterdam.  This type of stain goes on like paint, but still lets you see the wood texture.  I liked using it, and now I don't worry about leaving the table outside during the warm months of the year.  As a quick recap, here's how the table progressed through the finishing process:
This is the table right after the build, no sanding, filling, or painting of any kind.  Next, I filled the screw holes with a mixture of sawdust and wood glue:
Finer sawdust works best for this step, or you can just buy wood filler at the store.  After the glue was dry, I sanded down every surface I could get to with my orbital sander and used the air compressor to blow away the rest of the dirt and sawdust.  Lastly, we gave the table two coats of the aforementioned stain and let it dry completely.
My two-year-old loves it, and we were able to fit two more cousins on it for a barbeque we had yesterday.  I'd say you could fit four toddlers at this table comfortably, unless they have plates of food, in which case three is a better fit.
*As a quick reminder, I got the plans from Ana White, and I was in no way compensated by Ana White or Olympic, I just like to make it simple to see how I've done things.

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