Toddler Picnic Table Build

I am loving having my husband back!  He finished his masters degree last week, and I have had him doing all sorts of projects around the house ever since.  We built this toddler picnic table yesterday morning.  Since I used online plans, I didn't take photos of all the steps.  We used Ana White's Preschool Picnic Table.  It was pretty easy.  The tools we used were a little bit different than her list.  We only ended up using a measuring tape, pencil, drill, clamps, and a miter saw.  My husband did the top and the legs, and I did the benches (with his help holding things in place for me).

I filled the holes today with my own sort of wood filler- sawdust and wood glue.  The best part about it is that the filler matches the wood perfectly.  The worst part is that the sawdust wasn't fine enough to be as putty-like as commercial wood fillers.  I haven't sanded them down yet, since they are still drying, so I don't know how well it worked yet.

We picked a beautiful blue outdoor stain for the finish.  I hope to get that done this week also.  The weather has also turned right around, so tomorrow I will finally be able to share my crackle glaze tutorial!

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