First Spoonflower Test Swatches

I got an awesome bit of mail yesterday.  My first batch of test swatches from Spoonflower arrived!  I ordered tests of all the designs I have uploaded.  I changed some of the background colors on the Lions, Tigers, and Bears, which I think was a good move.  I approved three out of four of the prints for sale, so not too bad on the color from design to print.  These are the three I approved:
Lions, Tigers, and Bears Big Circles
Lions, Tigers, and Bears, Oh My!
Double Scoops Ice Cream

My favorite one so far is the Lions, Tigers, and Bears Big Circles, although the other two printed really well also.  The fabric that I didn't approve for sale is the Fireworks Show:
The background didn't come out as dark as I wanted, and the pink isn't bright enough either.  All the other colors look good, so I think in the future I will just have to be more careful with the reds.  Here's what the design looks like on Spoonflower: Fireworks Show.  I ordered one last item in this batch, which I hope will help me avoid future color problems.  If you love color, prepare yourself for this.
Shabam!  A full yard of color swatches with the RGB codes for the computer!  I am totally geeking out over this.  As you may remember, I got the Spoonflower Color Guide, which has a few colors, but the Color Map is so much better, even though it costs about sixteen times more to get.  I am so excited to get cranking out more designs, I can hardly take it!  It's so amazing to see your own designs in print.

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