Frosting Rosettes

I have been Pinteresting lately (who hasn't?), and I saw a frosting technique from I Am Baker that I thought would be super easy to try.  Truthfully, I first saw this technique done by my Aunt Sharon, who also shared her amazing marshmallow fondant recipe with me.  The best parts about the frosting rosette are that it is nearly foolproof and so easy to do.  All you need is a 1M tip, frosting bag, and some delicious frosting.

If you remember the dreamy cupcakes from my daughter's birthday party, then you will remember how I learned to frost the cupcakes in an amazing way, with the 1M tip and the little pointy peaks, like so:
Well, it turns out that to make a frosting rosette, all you have to do is the exact same thing as the pointy peaks, except start in the middle of the cupcake instead of the outside edge.  Genius! 
For more detailed instructions, head over to I Am Baker.  These rosettes look great all over a big cake or on individual cupcakes.  Plus, everyone will think you are a pastry chef when you bust these bad boys out.  Win-win.

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