Kitchen Curtains

The kitchen curtains are finished and hanging where they belong!  We did them the easy way, by using clip-on curtain rings, so we just had to make the rectangular panels to fit the windows.  For the curtain rods, I used three willow branches wrapped together with brown floral wire and hung them on the wall with brown cup hooks.  I had to buy brass cup hooks and spray paint them myself.  The tiebacks are from the brown curtains on this wall:
The kitchen bay is just to the left of these windows, so I used my leftover fabric to make these striped panels.  The bottom stripe is a solid green that matches the accents of the printed fabric, but that part is hiding behind the couch.  And yes, I still have some St. Patrick's Day decor up. 

As I mentioned before, the fabric is from the Cecilia line at IKEA, where they are selling off all of their remaining inventory.

I am so glad to have all these curtains done!  It really helps this giant room(kitchen, dining, living) feel more put together.  Next, I am going to paint the bay the same green as the kitchen and the other wall the same brown that I have used before.

I am planning to do a Summer Home Tour on the blog once I get everything in my basement arranged.  One of my biggest challenges will be figuring out how to photograph rooms with windows without getting the back-lit effect from the brightness outside.  Any ideas?

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Lorena O'Neal said...

they look nice! i'm inspired :)