Craft Room v2.0

Welcome to my basement craft room!  I decided to keep the color and just go with it, at least for now.  This corner is the drawing area, complete with a table and chairs for my little girls.  The fruit art is what I had in my kitchen before I painted it green and put up the dogwood tree.  I think this room is a definite improvement over my first craft room, which was turned into a nursery.  There is lots more room to work.
 The quilt is my mom's handiwork, so I'll have to give it back.  She let me borrow it for the interview, and it matches so well that I am thinking I will have to make my own to hang, although I am not much of a quilter.
This photo shows my screen printing machine, the walk-in closet (woot!), and my t-shirt bookcase with a thrifted rattan headboard and hook board made from barnwood.
Here's a close-up on the screen printer.  Yeah, we built it ourselves.
This is the view of the desks from the door.  My next thing to do in here is organize the closet, which I did not show today for the obvious reason that you don't need to see that kind of foolishness.  It's a mess.


Lorena O'Neal said...

augh! so jealous of your screen printer. looks awesome.

Audrey @ the audzipan anthology said...

We got the plans for free on the interwebs! http://www.printingplans.com/