Laundry Room Before Photos

I have a hallway, laundry room, and weird coat closet that need some serious help.  Like, gross bland paint, entirely bare walls, no-decor-love-since-it-was-built help.  I'll just let the photos speak for themselves.  From my kitchen, enter the hallway to the garage.
Do you like how I threw a houndstooth rug down to try to make the hallway feel better about itself?  Okay, now go down the hall and turn right into the first door.  You have now entered the laundry room. 
That poor, poor light fixture.  So lonely and sad.  You can also see the only thing I have done to this room- the 3M hooks for the mops on the wall.  Those, and the blinds in the window.  Because, you know, I don't want any crazies peeking in the windows.
Okay, this photo is one of my faves: there's the lovely random-stuff shelf; the laundry detergent, dryer sheets, etc; and. . . the Easter basket pile!  Yes.  I have been storing all the stuff I have gotten over the last few weeks on the washer.  I need some storage.  Now here's the really great part about the laundry room.
The giant, blank, nine-foot wall.  It's hard to get a photo that really conveys the emptiness this wall makes me feel.  Also, my camera couldn't focus on it unless I did a side angle with some other stuff in the frame.  Yeah, it's that bad.
Lastly, we have the weirdest coat closet known to man.  Just look at it.  The door to the garage is on the left.  If I actually wanted to use the closet when I walked in the door, I would have to close the garage door and stand in the opposite corner of the hall (true story) in order to get the closet open.  Bad, bad planning.  It's very awkward.
Here's a view of the lovely interior.  And, yes, it is the paint storage closet.  I have wanted to just take the door off the hinges and be done with it on multiple occasions.

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