Fall Wreath and Flower Hair Clips

I started working on my projects list this week.  I realized that I am running out of time before the baby comes!  Today I finished a fall wreath I have been thinking about and made some flower hair clips for both the girl we have and the one that is coming.

The wreath was easy, because I had the wooden wreath form already.  I bought a fall garland at Walmart and wrapped the ribbon and tied a bow.  The streaming ribbon ends are actually another piece of ribbon that I then tied around the middle of the bow.  
Easy peasy.  Plus, I can easily change it up for the next season or whenever I get tired of it.

Here are the flower clips I made.  These were super easy as well.  All I did is get a bunch of fake flowers at Walmart, take them apart, and put them back together how I wanted.  Some of them, like the giant daisy, I didn't even change.  I hot-glued them to ribbon-covered clips and glued a fancy button in the center.  Done.  

Besides burning my fingertips a bajillion times, this project went great!

After today's adventures, here is my updated project list:
  • Make fabric boxes for the new changing table (still looking for a great tutorial, will let you know when I find one!)
  • Finish fall wreath (work in progress!)
  • Paint birdcage cream or light yellow
  • Find a buffet to paint for the dining area
  • Get chairs for the front porch
  • Get potted plants for the driveway
  • Build shelves on either side of the washer and dryer
  • Take door off coat closet, paint, and put cubbies inside
  • New couch pillows
  • Install wall shelf in main bathroom
  • Refinish piano
  • Make some green frames to match green stained table
  • Fix leg on green table
  • Get or build a picnic table for the backyard
  • Sew kitchen curtain (work in progress!)
  • Sew changing pad covers
  • Make flower hairclips
  • Turn craft room into nursery
  • Laundry room makeover
Tomorrow, I may have a chance to finish the kitchen curtain that I have assembled all the supplies for.

Just to be clear, I am not planning on finishing all of these projects before our baby is born.  Especially since that will be in like 10-11 weeks.

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Cami said...

Oh, it must feel so good to cross 2 things off your list! Keep it up.