Kitchen Repaint and Hallway Coat Rack

Today's topic is home decor. Specifically, my home's decor. We recently moved into our house, and it was brand new to begin with, even though we didn't build it. Over the months, we have painted a couple of rooms, finished part of the basement, and worked at getting a sprinkler system and grass in the yard.

We recently finished a project that I have wanted to do for a couple of months. In the hallway from the kitchen to the garage, we put a coat rack along the wall. It looks so wonderful, and it really is quite useful. Here is a photo:
I can't take all the credit, though. It was my neighbor Jennifer's idea.

I am to the point that I want to paint my kitchen, but I can't decide what color. Blue? Green? Something else entirely? I feel kind of burned out on picking paint colors. Here's what it looks like (ignore the inspector guy, and imagine our stainless steel fridge):
What do you think?


kathbot said...

I don't think blue would be the best for the kitchen - you should to a food color like red, green, yellow, or orange. So you feel appetized, you know. (Restaurant signs are usually red and yellow for this very reason.)

Audrey said...

Yeah, I know all about the color theory. My neighbor painted hers light blue, and they have a big open room like us, and I really liked it.

Chase and McKell said...

I say green! I love green :) A sage green would be lovely. Good luck!