Shark School Fabric

Shark School 
Hey all!  I've been busy working on a lot of little projects lately, but none of them are completely finished yet, except for this.  This fabric is a design I created to enter in Spoonflower's weekly design contest.  The theme for this week was Sharks, and the contest opens for voting this Thursday.

I put a lot of time on this one, just ask my husband.  This time around, I tried a different method than I have used on previous designs, which is usually to do some sketches by hand and then use the sketches as inspiration for computer-only drawings.  I drew everything by hand first, then scanned the drawings and basically redrew them in Photoshop.  I had to pull out my drawing tablet for this one, and I got a lot better at using it.  I like the hand-drawn feel this design has, but I'm still not sure which way I prefer yet.

On my next design, whatever it may be, I will try doing the drawings by hand, then trace them in Illustrator and see how those turn out.

So here's where I ask you a question.  What kind of fabric designs would you like to see?

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