Backyard Pergola

I'm so excited to share a project that we have been working on for about a month now, but that I have wanted for much longer.  Since we live in a new subdivision, there is not a lot of shade to be had outside.  We have planted a lot of trees in our yard, but they are all still pretty tiny.  We have a concrete pad in the backyard, right outside the kitchen and family room.  I didn't take a great before picture, but this kind of gives you the feel of what it was like outside.
Pretty barren.  But still cute kids.  In an effort to create more shade, backyard atmosphere, and possibly privacy, we designed up a heavy-duty pergola.
Each of the 4"x6" posts is set in concrete, and all the 2"x6" beams on the top are notched to fit on the 2"x8" support beams.  The 2"x2" pieces on the very top are screwed down with decking screws.
The curtains are outdoor panels from Pottery Barn that are hung on a galvanized pipe from Home Depot.  They are perfect for shade in the evening.
I love how much of a difference this makes in our backyard.  We almost ran into some trouble on the post closest to the house, but everything worked out perfectly.
We just had to notch a few of the bigger beams to fit under the roof, but the pergola is still tall enough that it doesn't block the porch light.

I am still waiting for some shade cloth to come in the mail, which we are going to hang under the beams on the inside.  We eventually want to have some flowering vines grow over the top, but until them we still want some shade during the day.  Next step for the backyard-- make an outdoor dining table!
UPDATE: We made it in the top 10 of the Porches, Terraces, and Patios Challenge at the CSI Project!
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Tamara said...

Good job! Do you guys want to came over and build me one? LOL!

Tamara said...

Oops come over not came over.

The Sorenson's said...

Looks awesome.. Great Job! We are going to attempt something like that in the spring!

Mary Grace McNamara said...

Fantastic! What a work of art! I bet you'll have some neighbors asking for help to build one for them soon!

Cute kids too :)


Ruth said...

Beautiful pergola. Great job.


Stef said...

We have a pergola project on our to-do list. this is a great inspiration! It adds so much to your yard! Nice job!

Anonymous said...

We paid to have a pergola built last year. Our pergola is built out of all maintance free vinyl.


Audrey @ the audzipan anthology said...

Tamara and Steph, it really wasn't too bad!

Mary Grace, Tamara is one of my neighbors. :)

Ruth and Stef, thank you!

Pamela, we did pressure-treated lumber for a few reasons. We want to grow vines on our pergola so we need added strength, we designed and built it ourselves, and it is pretty much maintenance-free also.

Martha Rosario said...

I love it!!! Good Job, I want one like that I printed your pics and will try it.