Cherry Pie Pincushion

My mom hosted a craft night last night, where we learned how to make these cute cherry pie pincushions.  She also had these old, metal mini-bundt pans that we could use.

The basic steps to making these are to 1) cut a circle out of fabric with cherries on it, 2) do a running stitch all the way around the circle and cinch it up, 3) stuff the fabric with as much or as little stuffing as you would like and stitch everything closed 4) glue the pincushion into your pan or cup, 5) glue the lattice strips across the top and into the sides of the cup, and 6) glue the rikrak around the pan and the button over your seams.
Isn't it cute?!  It was seriously not that hard.  Here's a closer view of the pan on the bottom:
I love my little cherry pie, and can't wait to use it while I am making my kitchen curtains this weekend!!

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