Cadbury Egg Popcorn

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So, it's no secret that I am a huge popcorn lover.  I eat popcorn as a snack at least once a week, if not more.  Check out my Scotcharoos Popcorn and Microwave Caramel Popcorn for more of my favorite recipes.  This easy recipe is a fun seasonal variation of the simple popcorn/candy coating mix.  Throw Cadbury Mini Eggs in anything, and you can bet I will eat it.  I've even substituted them for the chocolate chips in my Manntastic Chocolate Chip Cookies.  That was a good idea.
It's so simple I can hardly call it a recipe, but here we go!  For a treat to share with a group, I'd double this.

Cadbury Egg Popcorn
1 bag microwave popcorn or 1/3 c. unpopped kernels
6 oz. white candy coating (a.k.a. almond bark, but not white chocolate chips)
5 oz. Cadbury Mini Eggs candy (1/2 normal size bag)

First off, pop your popcorn, either in the microwave or with an air popper, then add to a large mixing bowl.  Put your Cadbury eggs in a ziptop baggie and whack it with a rolling pin or hammer, so that each egg is at least broken in half.  You don't need to go crazy here, just make sure that you don't have any whole eggs.
Add the broken candy eggs to the popcorn bowl and set that aside.  Next, melt your candy coating in 30-second intervals in the microwave, stirring every 30 seconds until smooth.  If your coating came in a block like mine, make sure you chop it up into 1-inch cubes before melting.  Once the coating is all melted and smooth, pour it over the popcorn and Cadbury egg mixture.

Stir or fold everything together to combine.  I have found that folding the melted coating into the popcorn is the best method to evenly distribute the coating and keep the popcorn mostly intact.  When everything is evenly coated, pour out onto a jellyroll pan (cookie sheet with lipped edges) and let cool.  Once the candy coating is hardened, which shouldn't take long, break it up and you are ready to enjoy.
And believe me, you will enjoy!
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Tina @ Babycakes Blog said...

I love Cadbury Mini Eggs! I also love the combo of sweet and salty popcorn.