New Look for 2012

 I've finished the new graphics for the blog and my Etsy shop!  If you are viewing this in a reader, pop on over and take a look.  I went with a bit simpler design this time around, and a much more subtle color scheme.  Also, I traded the pinstripes for herringbone.

There are also two new domain names that will point you here: http://design.audzipan.com and http://anthology.audzipan.com, which are sub-domains of my http://www.audzipan.com domain, which sends you to my Etsy shop.  Thanks to my brother Tom for the help with that.  Here is the matching banner I did for the shop:
I love being able to do all my own design.  I'm so glad I got the Adobe suite while I was still in school.  It's been invaluable to me over the years, although my version is getting a bit outdated.  I'm loving this new look, and getting excited about a bunch of new projects this year.  I'm right in the middle of finishing a new batch of place mats, so until they're done, I will be sewing like a machine!

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