New Photo Book Project

Apparently, my rainbow cupcakes were featured on a major cupcake blog this week, Cupcakes Take the Cake.  Sweet!

500 views later, I am still here.  And I have a new project!  This one isn't done yet, because I am not quite sure what I am going to be doing with it yet.  
But I am going to show you a preview, and when it is done I will post the tutorial.  There are still a few bits I am not quite sure what to do with yet, but I will hopefully come up with something great.

Here's what I have to work with so far, a chipboard book and a stack of new scrapbook paper:

 I am excited to get to work!  But I am not sure what to do with the holes in the edges of the chipboard.  I would like to cover the pages completely in paper, but I am not too keen on cutting all those tiny holes. . .

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