Progress Report: Our First Two-Color Process

We have been diligently working on our first two-color process! The screens have been exposed and rinsed; now we just need to calibrate and print. The screens turned out really well, even with the things that I thought might get in the way. Let's review:

1. Screens were coated with 6-month-old emulsion. Recommended shelf-life for emulsion once it is mixed= 1 month.
2. Screens have been coated and sitting in the cold storage room (aka darkroom) under a fleece blanket for 4 months.
3. I usually rinse out the unexposed emulsion using the garden hose with sprayer attachment in the backyard. This set-up is great in the summer. Under a foot of snow, not so much. Turns out, the sprayer attachment on the kitchen sink works just as well, if not better!

Overall, this round of screen-making was a huge success! Everything got blown out that was supposed to, but nothing that needed to stay. I couldn't have asked for more. 100% perfect.

And here's what you have all been waiting for: what is actually on the screen. I am not going to post the artwork, but it was all completely drawn by me in Adobe Illustrator, including the text. I will, however, describe in detail the design.

Picture if you will: a shield, topped with a crown, flanked by a unicorn and a stag with a mane, with a banner beneath that reads, "allgrey 2009". The shield (or crest) includes a sword, stripes, a four-pointed star, and double-layered stripes. Whew!

Can't quite picture all that? Don't worry, I will post photos of the final product. Printing will commence tomorrow.

Wondering what "allgrey" is? Allgrey is the name of my newest product line. Targeted directly to men, we are imagining sophisticated, classic, and simple, yet cool enough to wear!

Check back tomorrow to see the finished product, and another Etsy shop spotlight on Friday.

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