Feature: HandmadebyAnnePotter on Etsy

Today's feature is a shop on Etsy called HandmadebyAnnePotter. I saw these papier mache snowballs and instantly fell in love. What a glorious idea! Never-melting snowballs! This is truly a creative twist on the process of papier mache.

I already love decorating with balls, but to have a bunch of lumpy, sparkly snowballs around that never melt would add such a unique touch to traditional Christmas and winter decor. This is the kind of snow that I can get used to! I was also glad to read that they are fairly child-proof, even if your kids really shouldn't be playing with them.

Other lovely holiday items to check out at Handmade by Anne Potter:

-Naughty Lumps of Coal

-Snowflake Fascinator Headband

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Bethany Dirksen said...

The only problem is that they look like something to eat! Haha...very cute.


soulflower said...

I thought the same thing...they made me hungry!

illi said...

For some reason I want to eat them.. o hahaha bethany wrote the same thing above me....