Peacock Blue Yarn Wreath

I tried my hand at a wrapped yarn wreath the other day to try to keep myself occupied during some pretty awful weather.  If you are looking to fill some time, a yarn wrapped wreath is the way to go.  Looking for a quick project?  This is not it.  It got a little tedious, but I do like how everything turned out.  I used a straw wreath form and kept the plastic wrapper on it.  That kept it from making a huge mess and made the yarn lay flatter.
For underneath the flower embellishments, I glued down a piece of crocheted lace.  Then I did a few rolled flowers, two out of felt, one out of burlap, and one out of a piece of cotton trim I had on hand.  The yellow flowers are just a rolled up strip of felt that I cut into a fringe.  I just love how everything turned out!

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