Zebra Cake with a Cherry on Top

My oldest girl recently turned 5, and she specifically requested this cake for her big day, a zebra striped cake with a cherry on top.  I loved how it turned out!  She always has the best ideas for cakes.  I threw in a fun little surprise for the inside, too.
Zebra stripes inside!  It was so easy to do.  While I was filling the cake pans with batter, I just alternated between vanilla and chocolate batter, pouring into the center of the pan each time.  The original circle of batter was eventually pushed to the outside and the zebra stripes were done.
For the cherry on top, I just molded the cherry and stem out of leftover fondant.  I put a toothpick inside the lower half of the stem, then stuck it in the cherry after it had hardened enough to hold its shape.  We had a great time with the zebra theme.  It is also surprisingly easy to find zebra striped party supplies when you are looking for them!

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Almost Precious said...

Not only does the cake look beautiful, it looks delicious too.
I will have to remember that tip about alternating the different batters and pouring in the middle of the cake pan. Thank you. :)