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I was recently contacted by Lifestyle Crafts to become one of their blogger affiliates, and of course I jumped at the chance.  Personally, I have never had a manual die cutting machine, and I don't know how interested I would be in one now, but these machines can also emboss and letterpress paper!  I don't know what draws me to the letterpress look, but I seriously researched getting an old letterpress there for a while.  Turns out, they are expensive, hard to find, huge, heavy, and quite complicated if something should go wrong.  After abandoning that path, I realized my only feasible option would be to go with some small crafting machine, but at the time there wasn't anything out there that could do letterpress.  So, I waited.  And then, the L Letterpress came out:

I have wanted to get this for so long, but since I didn't have a manual die cutting machine, it took until now that I think I might actually get one.  Some of the coolest parts of the letterpress is that the dies are compatible with other machines, like Cuttlebug, so you wouldn't have to invest in a whole new system to get started doing letterpress, and you can order custom printing plates.  How cool is that?!

Anyway, if you are interested in seeing what's with all this die cutting, embossing, and letterpress, I am going to be finding out, and you're welcome to watch from afar.  If you are already into it, you can get
. . . just for being a reader of the Audzipan Anthology.  Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for some fun projects!
Note: As an affiliate of Lifestyle Crafts, I am partially compensated for my posts, but all content is truly my personal opinion.

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